Pega is the #1 in software for customer engagement and operational excellence.

We have worked with many different decisioning technologies, and view Pega Marketing as best in class. It provides a unique capability to connect cross-channel conversations – using a single brain to anticipate, simulate, and orchestrate the customer journey. Combined with Adqura’s decisioning asset base, and the knowledge and experience of the team, we are able to help our customer’s to use the technology in a far deeper, innovative and profitable way than anyone else in the Industry.

Partnering with Pega

As a strategic partner of Pega’s we are able to offer clients the very best consulting and implementation services. We have co-developed decisioning right from its inception, and are true ambassadors and innovators of the product, both in terms of its development and its implementation.

We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box about what decisioning can do, and create business outcomes for customers that are often industry firsts, providing them with the cutting edge differentiation that is often hard to find.