We are innovators and leaders in the world of AI powered 1:1 Customer Engagement, using a unique blend of skills, experience and assets which enable us to help our clients achieve exceptional results.

Our philosophy is that we are in it together, our people and the clients we partner with will always come first and will enjoy the benefits of our obsession with successful delivery.

No. 1

We are leaders in AI driven 1:1 Customer Engagement using Pega Customer Decision Hub;  have extensive experience in helping organisations to develop a compelling strategy, and then to implement it in a way that absolutely sets them apart in the marketplace.


The needs and tastes of customers are rapidly evolving and are increasingly sophisticated. There is increased multiplicity, with customers expecting more from brands; We help enterprises create and deliver 1:1 Customer experiences seamlessly across all connected touchpoints.


We have collectively delivered over 30 Marketing and 1:1 Customer Engagement implementations, with proven use cases across the customer lifecycle in various domains such as Telecoms, Financial Services, Travel and Insurance.

We are specialists in Pega CDH – #1 software for 1:1 Customer Engagement

Adqura Solutions are powered by Pega Customer Decision Hub and Pega Platform.

We view Pega CDH as best in class; out of the box it provides a unique extensible capabilities to connect cross-channel conversations – using a single brain to anticipate, simulate, and orchestrate the customer interactions.

Combined with our domain knowledge and expertise, we are able to help our customer’s to use the technology in a far deeper, innovative and profitable way than anyone else in the Industry, typically manifested as prebuilt Adqura apps and assets.

Adqura are part of Pega Ventures.

Our Clients: