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Delivering 1:1 customer experience for Top European Comms client

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Simulation Delivers Actions Combination at Household Level for UK’s Biggest Utility Company

Innovation & Delivery Solutions

1:1 Customer Engagement

Let us showcase how we can help you deliver highly personalized customer engagement driven by AI to the needs of each individual for superior customer experience, delight and satisfaction.

Always on Marketing

We help enterprises integrate disparate silos of inbound, outbound, trigger and digital communications into an AI powered centralised hub that can monitor each individual customer to deliver personalised 1:1 customer engagement across all customer touchpoints

Legacy Campaign Migration

We help enterprises migrate their existing outbound traditional campaigns into modern customer centric Next Best Actions delivering an Always On Customer Experience

Customer Journey Inception

We identify your customer experience successes and pain points across journeys to define optimized actions that lift KPIs. Deliverables include a business case, action library, change analysis, and a roadmap tailored to your priorities and constraints for rapid transformation.

Customer Growth and Retention

We enable enterprises deepen customer relationships resulting in profitable and sustainable customer growth and retention. This includes a mix of technology and process capabilities that use AI to identify and optimize next best actions to boost acquisition, conversion, and loyalty. The result is double-digit gains for key CX metrics including satisfaction, lifetime value and retention rates.

Pega NBA-Designer Migration

We assist clients in migrating their current strategy frameworks to Pega Next Best Action Designer, aiming not only to recreate existing artifacts but also to leverage and repurpose strategy components, thereby minimizing risk and accelerating the delivery timeline. Our goal is a comprehensive transition that optimizes both efficiency and continuity.

Pega Installation, Upgrades & Migrations

We specialize in seamlessly enhancing and updating Pega installations, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest versions. Our expertise lies in minimizing disruptions, optimizing performance, and efficiently managing the migration process to deliver a robust and up-to-date Pega environment for our clients.

Pega Architecture on Google Cloud

We help transition Pega solutions to Google Cloud through architecture assessment, migration planning, data integration and transformation options, optimized configuration, and seamless deployment. The outcome is a high-performing, efficient and scalable Pega solution within the Google ecosystem.

Architecture & Performance Health Check

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of Pega implementations, evaluating architecture, infrastructure and configurations to pinpoint performance bottlenecks. Our optimization services realign systems to best practices for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

Customer Loyalty App

Our Loyalty App allows businesses to purchase experiences at bulk discount and offer to their customer base using AI driven matching of reward to customer profile, free of cost or at a discount, based on customer’s value, as rewards to drive loyalty.

This creates a continuously optimized, closed-loop customer experience that boosts satisfaction, retention and lifetime value.

Next Best Action for Contact Centers in 9 Weeks

Deliver a fully functional MLP that allows delivery of AI driven Next Best Actions into a Call Centre Agent in 9 weeks.

NBA For Contact Centers transforms customer interactions by delivering personalized experiences, reducing churn, driving revenue, enabling real-time decision making, proactive issue resolution, generating valuable insights, and allowing adaptability for continuous improvement. This results in increased customer satisfaction and overall business success.

Automated Testing Suite for Pega®

Streamlines repetitive, manual testing tasks by leveraging automation, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, saving time, and allowing small test teams to scale.