Vodafone UK: Always On Marketing delivers 1:1 Customer Engagement

Alight Hyper Personalization for Employee Benefits

British Gas: Unified Marketing Unlocks Value


We are pioneers and innovators in the world of AI powered
1:1 Customer Engagement.

Our domain expertise, cross-sector experience and pre-built apps, enable enterprises to deliver seamless, individualised customer experiences across all connected platforms.


We plan, implement and maximise 1:1 Customer Engagement utilising best-in-class tech platform Pega Customer Decision Hub.

This platform enables cross-channel conversations and works as a single brain, anticipating, simulating and orchestrating customer interactions. Always learning, it continually updates how to meet each customer’s needs.


Customers are increasingly sophisticated and expect more from brands in order to buy and stay loyal to them.

Adqura 1:1 Customer Engagement solutions enable you to make the right offer to the right customer at exactly the right time. These 100% individualised and timely interactions motivate brand loyalty and increase sales.


We have delivered over 30 1:1 Customer Engagement implementations in diverse sectors and achieving many firsts.

These firsts include “always on”, multi-branded, customer loyalty and omni-channel solutions, for clients including Vodafone and British Gas.

Pega Specialized Partner

Pega Customer Decision Hub is the number one 1:1 Customer Engagement software, supporting 3,000+ global customers in the acheivement of excellence in sales, marketing, service, and operations.

As a Specialized Partner with multiple implementations under our belt, we have extensive domain expertise that ensures we guide our customers to using Pega technology in an in depth, innovative and profitable way.

We are also part of Pega Ventures, an investment programme in partners who can help accelerate the growth of the Pega ecosystem and empower customer success.

Our Clients: