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Targeted Engagement, Retention, and Growth Strategies for Insurance

Business Issue

GoCompare is the UK’s leading digital price comparison platform, allowing customers to compare insurance providers across 35 product categories. GoCompare aimed to use Pega technology to lead the market in providing personalized 1:1 marketing across its digital platforms.

The goals were to increase Customer trust reflected in higher return rates, Conversion rates and increased Product penetration. By leveraging Pega to deliver tailored journeys for each customer, GoCompare wanted to deepen customer relationships, drive more sales, and solidify its position as the top comparison site in the UK.


Adqura implemented a cloud-based Pega Marketing Decision Hub for GoCompare that delivers Next Best Actions across channels. Drawing on our insurance industry experience, we identified opportunities to leverage Pega including:

  • Merging 1st and 3rd party data
  • Ingesting expected triggers, model predictions and segmentation behaviors (e.g. price sensitivity)
  • Developing strategies incorporating insurance nuances like periodic engagement, in-life interactions, and brand association

This enables GoCompare to track customers 1:1 across product lifecycles. The primary use case focused on the renewal window:

  • Pre-renewal engagement showing personalized savings
  • Reminders and chasers via digital channels
  • Real-time help to complete web journeys
  • Tracking to insurance end date
  • Post-renewal follow ups

GoCompare can now engage customers across their renewal journey for deeper relationships and increased retention.


After implementing Pega CDH, GoCompare saw improvements across key metrics:

  • Increased customer engagement rates
  • Lower drop offs in web renewal journeys
  • Higher renewal conversions and customer satisfaction
  • Greater customer retention leading to business growth opportunities

As the solution matured, GoCompare gained the ability to create targeted strategies for different customer segments based on model-driven insights.

In summary, Pega Marketing helped drive higher engagement, conversions, and retention for GoCompare. This allowed the business to shift focus to growth by better serving different demographic groups with personalized journeys optimized to their needs and preferences. The sophistication of segmentation and personalization continued to advance over time based on data and modeling.

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