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Our consultants come from diverse technical backgrounds, equipped with skills to build the technology foundations enabling intelligent decisioning and elevated customer experiences. We look for people passionate about expanding the boundaries of what’s possible with data science and AI. Our teams comprise experts in areas including machine learning, predictive modeling, data and decision architecture, cloud platform optimization, and designing for scale and resilience. We leverage leading decision management suites while also developing cutting-edge proprietary components. If you enjoy creating innovative solutions to complex technical problems from data pipelines and ML ops to decisioning and real-time integration – we offer exciting projects pushing the limits of decision intelligence powered by advancements in artificial intelligence.

Engineer Our Customer’s Success

Our teams are deeply devoted to driving maximum value for our clients and pioneering efforts to reimagine customer engagement. Beyond just implementing technology, we enable fundamental operational transformation and unlock the full capabilities of personnel across our clientele. Our consultants collaborate closely across business and technical roles from executive leadership to customer-facing and analytics on a daily basis. We stride to articulate complex concepts simply, setting clients up for long-term success. If you are passionate about devising innovative solutions to open-ended business challenges and want to work in tandem with renowned industry leaders, we provide the platform to foster customer excellence.

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If you feel excitement to Innovate with Purpose and Accelerate Your Career, bring your talents and join our pioneering team.