Focused on rewarding outcomes

The Adqura Management team have led and delivered 30+ decisioning projects worldwide since the inception of the field in the 2000s. We are proud to have been instrumental in delivering significant transformation across many different sectors with significant business and financial benefits – in Telecoms, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel, Retail, Utilities and Employee Management domains.

We have used our collective knowledge and experience to build Adqura in to a business which can help our customers to achieve innovative, often first to market decisioning capabilities with enormous financial benefits and opportunities.

Please find below some examples of a cross section of the use cases we have delivered

Our clients

How Vodafone are placing their Customers centre stage

“Always on Marketing, powered by the Pega customer decisioning hub, is the key enabler for Vodafone, enabling Vodafone UK strategy to become truly customer centric, filling the promise to our customers that Vodafone gives you the best service and experience”

Russell Welton, Always On Marketing Design Authority, Vodafone UK

The Business Issue

For Vodafone, providing customers with the best service and experience is central to their strategy and vision. A programme called AOM, Always On Marketing, is a key enabler to achieving this vision. In today’s challenging consumer environment, the pressure is on to deliver faster, more intelligent, and needs-based experiences – to be available exactly when customers need you with the most relevant ‘action’ for them as an individual.

The Solution

In a world where customer ‘conversation’ channels are inherently siloed, this presents a significant challenge. As is always the case, this is not just about technology. The business and culture have to evolve hand-in-hand to be able to truly put the customer centre stage.

Always on Marketing (AOM) will allow the move from a traditional product push approach to a truly one-to-one customer engagement system. It will deliver to individual customer needs, across multiple touchpoints in a consistent, dynamic and highly personalized way.

With AOM, Vodafone is bringing the data that will activate powerful customer insights in to one central place – the AOM brain. Creating the ability to enable hyper intelligent, one-to-one decisions to the right channels, at the right time is a game changer. By investing heavily in this technology, and driving the cultural, customer-focussed agenda from the top, Vodafone has a unique opportunity to lead the customer first agenda.

The Results

The programme is well advanced in its delivery and is already delivering significant benefits. The capability is allowing unprecedented control in the business over how it can predict, react and respond to individual customer needs. Creating the ability to have relevant, personalized ‘conversations’ with customers across multiple channels and products – in real time.

Alight Hyper Personalization for Employee Benefits

“Working with Adqura, leveraging Sophie’s advanced decisioning capabilities has allowed us to bring this industry leading solution to our clients and their employees.”

Marcus Tardif, PMP, Alight

The Business Issue

Alight provides benefits, HR and payroll services to over 70% of the Fortune 100, and 35 million + employees.

The out of the box Pegasystems decisioning solution, required a multi tenancy solution to be able to deliver hyper personalized services to the full range of clients. Adqura delivered exactly to these needs, creating a scalable, omni-channel solution which was up and running in ‘a few short months’.By creating an adaptive content ecosystem for hyper personalized messages, Alight is able to deliver vastly enhanced outcomes for its clients and their employees.

The Solution

With Alight’s hyper personalization programme, it is able to put employees at the heart of their service. This helps to enhance employee’s health, wealth and total wellbeing. By creating an adaptive content ecosystem for hyper personalized messages, Alight is able to deliver vastly enhanced outcomes for its clients and their employees.

Using its CDH acceleration assets Adqura enabled Alight to achieve delivery of the data, AI and analytics required to deliver the right message, at the right time to multiple customer touchpoints. The ability to action insight rapidly and effectively means that they are able to optimise the employee benefits experience and create sharp, rapid and effective decisions

The solution is omni channel scalable and multi-tenant scalable. Alight had their first client up and running within weeks and are now fully multi-tenant and can onboard a new client in 8 minutes. They are able to develop any number of offers, across multiple channels, fuelled by AI, in a matter of weeks.

The Results

“Adqura delivered exactly what was expected …. Sophie is a powerful enabler to our product group, and it is great to work with a team which is highly skilled, friendly and truly a joy to have as part of our team.” (Marcus Tardif, PMP, Alight)

The solution is already delivering significant benefits to Alight and to its clients, with more exciting delivery plans on the horizon

British Gas Rewards: Highlights

“The speedy development of our Rewards programme was possible due to the fact we had Pega Marketing in situ. This has allowed us to increase our contact with customers. We’ve hit all the targets set out for Rewards and grabbed some extras in the way of re-consent, NPS, helping uncover data quality – we’re giving customers things they actually want and therefore they complain more quickly when there’s a problem with the data.”

Jo Allen, Business Lead, Next Generation Decisioning, British Gas

The Business Issue

British Gas has embarked on a major drive to engage and reward millions of its loyal customers. It is launching a series of market-leading initiatives, including innovative product bundles, under a new customer reward programme backed by an investment of £100m.

The initiative allows British Gas to increase customer engagement, change customer perception of value they get from buying from / staying with British Gas in an increasingly price driven energy market. It also allows British Gas to introduce its customers to different product lines with discounted offerings with personalised benefits.

The Solution

Adqura used the Pega Marketing product to build a loyalty and rewards solution that comprises of a self serve portal (using Pega Microsites mashed into BG main website), personalised offers, tracking and allocating of vouchers and 3rd party fulfilment. Rewards are offered to customers based on their value, personalised preferences and available promotions.

The Results

  • Increase in NPS rates well above any other historic marketing initiative.
  • Increase in customer engagement metrics and opt-ins.
  • Measurable increase in customer value for engaged customers.
  • British Gas Rewards customer loyalty through personalised offers in a self serve portal
  • Customer value drives rewards offered
  • Focus on engagement and NPS scores

The AA: Transforming Member Engagement

“Not only did Adqura bring great breadth and depth of experience to the projects we did with them, they are also great people to spend time with. True partners in CRM”

Chris Harris, Group Marketing & Insight Director

The AA was embarking on a major transformation programme, using Pegasystems as the core CRM and Marketing capability. Historically, the organisation had been mainly structured around the product lines of business, executing a ‘push’ approach to customer communications. The AA realized that developing a new platform to engage with its members, and prospective members could create significant value, both for members and for the business. To enable this to happen, the development of a customer decisioning strategy was a vital step to ensuring successful delivery.

The Solution

Working with Adqura, the AA created a Customer Decisioning Strategy which clearly defined the needs of its Members and Prospects across all product lines and channels. Those needs were then aligned to the decisioning capability requirements which would drive maximum value generation. This culminated in the development of a roadmap for the AA, which would allow optimal design and delivery of the solution from Day 1, with the capacity to rapidly build new capabilities to achieve its overall vision.

In addition to the output, one of the benefits of taking this approach was that the leadership team, through a collaborative workshop led approach, had designed and signed off the Vision and Strategy as a team. As well as developing the strategy, a wealth of knowledge had been shared, enabling a more informed and aligned approach to embarking on the decisioning journey.

The Results

  • Customer Decisioning Strategy with the Customer at its heart
  • Organisational Roadmap and Plan
  • Aligned and Engaged Leadership Team
  • Leadership team aligned and motivated to deliver strategy
  • Customer blueprint containing new concepts to maximize customer value