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Akbank launched the CRM Suite Refresh Project to modernize Akbank’s marketing solutions by replacing the existing Chordiant Decision Manager (CDM) and Chordiant Marketing Director (CMD) software with a unified solution built using Pegasystems software. 

Akbank chose Adqura as their System Integrator (SI) partner due to Adqura’s extensive experience in implementing Pega Customer Decision Hub (CDH) solutions, their deep knowledge of the Retail Banking industry, and their comprehensive understanding of the Turkish market. Adqura’s local team was well-positioned to work closely with Akbank’s internal teams, fostering effective collaboration to ensure the successful delivery of the project and the achievement of Akbank’s objectives.


Adqura provided a turnkey transformation program that delivered the following:

  • Migration to Pega CDH for unified inbound and outbound customer engagement.
  • Intelligent customer engagement through analytics, context, and optimal channels, with aim to move to enhanced offer arbitration and optimization
  • Empowering non-technical users to define, test, simulate, and deploy customer propositions rapidly and seamlessly.
  • Facilitate a tangible increase in the rapid definition, testing, simulation, and deployment of business-defined customer propositions.


Akbank has experienced significant growth in its consumer base and a shift towards mobile-based banking engagement. To accommodate this change, the bank implemented a unified CRM suite that provides streamlined and enhanced core marketing capabilities.

The Pega CDH driven CRM suite enables Akbank to deliver personalized, timely, and relevant communications across various channels, improving the overall customer experience and strengthening relationships with their expanding mobile-centric customer base.

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