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Hyper-Personalized and Profitable Travel Experiences

Business Issues

  • Difficulty differentiating travel offerings and building customer loyalty in a crowded, competitive digital marketplace where consumers have many options
  • Struggle to understand and anticipate the unique desires of individual customers, leading to a “one-size-fits-all” approach rather than personalized experiences
  • Challenges identifying profitable growth opportunities that also enhance the customer experience, rather than simply cutting costs or chasing sales volume
  • Over-reliance on price discounting to win business, rather than competing on superior customer experience and rewarding loyal customers
  • Need for agility to spot emerging trends and bring relevant new products to market ahead of the competition


Adqura partnered with TUI Travel’s leadership, marketing, and experience teams to reimagine the future of travel companionship, from planning to enjoyment. By implementing AI-powered decisioning solutions, Adqura enabled TUI to:

  • Gain a deeper, more granular understanding of individual customer preferences and needs
  • Respond more quickly and effectively to those needs, enhancing the customer experience
  • Foster more profitable, enduring customer relationships through hyper-personalized interactions

This technology empowers TUI to tackle critical challenges faced by travel companies in an increasingly digital landscape, ensuring their continued competitive edge.


  • Increased customer loyalty and repeat business by providing differentiated, customer-centric travel experiences
  • Improved profitability by focusing on higher-margin, value-added offerings tailored to individual customer preferences
  • Long-term, sustainable competitive advantage built around personalized service and emotional connection with loyal customers

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