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Rewards: Highlights

Business Issue

British Gas, facing erosion of its bottom line due to competition in the price-driven UK energy market, has launched a £100m customer reward program featuring innovative product bundles to engage and retain its loyal customer base.

The challenge was to design and build an innovative AI driven Loyalty solution that interlaces customer value, product promotions, 3rd party loyalty offers with an on-brand experience


Adqura used the Pega CDH product as the baseline to build a loyalty and rewards solution that comprises of a self serve portal (Microsites), personalised offers, tracking and allocating of vouchers and 3rd party fulfilment.

Rewards are offered to customers based on their value, personalised preferences and available promotions. It also allows British Gas to introduce its customers to different product lines with discounted offerings with personalised benefits.

The program was supported by a major above the line awareness campaign on Social Media, Radio and TV. In parallel the commercial teams built up a rich set of 3rd party discounted (& free) promotions that were offered to customers based on their value



  • Increase in NPS rates well above any other historic marketing initiative.
  • Increase in customer engagement metrics and opt-ins.
  • Measurable increase in customer value for engaged customers.
  • British Gas Rewards customer loyalty through personalised offers in a self-serve portal
  • Customer value drives rewards offered
  • Focus on engagement and NPS scores

The speedy development of our Rewards programme was possible due to the fact we had Pega Marketing in situ. This has allowed us to increase our contact with customers. We’ve hit all the targets set out for Rewards and grabbed some extras in the way of re-consent, NPS, helping uncover data quality – we’re giving customers things they actually want and therefore they complain more quickly when there’s a problem with the data.

Jo Allen

Business Lead, Next Generation Decisioning, British Gas

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