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Delivering Always On Marketing

Business Issue

Complex, aging decisioning systems unable to meet the needs of the business

  • A product centric, transactional engagement with customers with inconsistent messaging across channels resulting in a poor CX.
  • No common personalization brain to drive the right customer experience.
  • Inability to recognize value opportunities resulting in lost value and lower customer engagement.


A unified & relevant experience across channels with customer first NBAs in contact centre, retail, web, and mobile

  • Journeys that reflect the customer need thru every stage driven.
  • Individual pricing leveraging recommendation logic within a simple UI improving conversion.
  • An architecture that creates a comprehensive view of customer source data in batch and real-time driven, enabling real-time arbitration across multiple strategies delivering the best set of actions for the customer.


The programme is well advanced in its delivery and is already delivering significant benefits. For instance in Contact Centre Retention Vodafone have seen improvements to 5% higher average net revenue, 1.3pp higher conversion, and 19% reduction in average handling time.

The capability is allowing unprecedented control in the business over how it can predict, react and respond to individual customer needs across 18 customer touchpoints – digital and assisted. It has creat the ability for Vodafone to have relevant, personalized ‘conversations’ with customers across multiple channels and products – in real time.

Making sure you are customer centric in what you do, thinking not only is the end user customer recommendation perfect that the agents are customers as well in this space that they need to have the tools that they need to make sure that they have what they do best which is negotiation.

Russell Welton

Decisioning Systems Authority, Vodafone UK

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