Leaders in 1:1 Customer Engagement Innovation and Delivery

At Adqura, we pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional customer experience to our clients and enabling them to deliver a world-class experience to their customers. We have pioneered the development and optimisation of on-demand customer decisioning since its inception in the UK, and have a team of experts who have created, delivered and managed this capability across the globe.

Our unique blend of experience across the business, technical and operational areas allows us to speak the language of all our business stakeholders, helping them to create engagement across the business and effective organizational alignment.

Our services:

We work with clients across numerous sectors in 1:1 Customer Engagement, from developing the business strategy to providing capability assessments, roadmaps, implementation, decisioning optimisation and ongoing support. We offer a full suite of business and technical consultancy, as well as end to end implementation and ongoing support.


Our business consulting practise has been developed based on years of working within businesses on delivering and optimising customer decisioning. It is a framework that enables you to put the customer and their needs at the forefront of the interaction to generate maximum business return. We believe that being clear on your business strategy, and getting cross functional buy in to this at the beginning of your journey will reap significant dividends, and can be great partners in helping you to achieve this, and your desired business outcomes.


The ingredients of transformation can be wide and varied, typically we offer the full range of support. This can include developing the target operating model, enhancing operational capability and ultimately ensuring the building blocks are in place to drive maximum utilisation of both the tools that are provided and the personalised customer interaction that is possible with a powerful decisioning engine.

Ongoing Support

We support you during the delivery and beyond.  We have extensive experience of managing solutions in live operation from both a technical (IT) and a bau business operations basis.

The success of decision management really starts once you go live, the power comes in understanding your customer engagement to optimise customer journeys across channels.  We are there throughout to ensure the success of your programme delivery.

Our Approach

7 steps to a successful 1:1 Customer Engagement Delivery:



Create a vision and strategic goals which will shape and maximise the decisioning opportunity



Create a phased delivery plan and full solution and organisational transformation roadmap to deliver the strategy



Identify the key capabilities required to deliver the strategy and associated costs and requirements



Planned deployment of each phase according to plan, layering phases to expedite delivery using Adqura Decisioning Framework



Create a benefits case for each success area, defining the costs and benefits of delivering the strategy



Deliver best in class financial results through the optimisation of decisioning frameworks and engagement with the business to maximise adoption



Continuous innovation across every step, project and business as usual, to create cutting edge customer engagement