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Empathetic Intelligent Collections

Business Issue

HMRC’s legacy ‘Campaign Manager’ stack was unable to meet the increasing demands for flexibility and intelligent customer interactions in a more customer centric engagements of the future. 

HMRC sought out Adqura’s expertise in CDH to explore how they could use intelligent decisions to take a more empathetic approach to debt recovery, understanding customer circumstances, using appropriate communication channels, and offering flexible repayment options to help customers manage their debt effectively


Adqura helped HMRC refactor their Campaign Manager solution by introducing PEGA Customer Decision Hub (CDH) for intelligent customer management and decisioning. Key aspects include:

  • A more empathetic approach to debt recovery
  • An upgraded business solution that incorporates the latest advancement in AI driven decisions
  • Centralized decisioning of business queue and action processing rules
  • Migration and processing of customer debt for HMRC debt regimes (ongoing)
  • Introduction of a Business Operations Environment for audited campaign management for each tax debt regime Customer Journey
  • Integration of PEGA CDH into the wider technical landscape
  • Regular version upgrades (hosted on Pegacloud) to avail the latest product features


Adqura has delivered a foundation platform for more intelligent and flexible debt collection in the future 

Since go live mid 2023, Adqura’s implementation of PEGA CDH supported the collection of over £XX million in the first 6 months across an initial set of 5 debt regimes.  

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