Why do we need Personalised 1:1 Customer Engagement

The needs and tastes of customers today are rapidly evolving and are increasingly sophisticated. There is increased multiplicity, with customers expecting to do more that involves interacting with all their senses, involving them in new experiences and creating a range of touchpoints to interact with.

There is a vast array of devices, channels, people and technologies they can engage with, and their expectations of brands continue to climb to dizzy heights. Traditionally, the matrix of channels that we have used to ‘talk’ to customers tend to be disconnected, with messages sent through in and outbound channels and digital vs non digital often operating in silos, with little real consistency and relevance.

It is essential for any brand that does not want to be left behind, to start exploring and adopting the technologies that will enable their customers to engage with each other and their brand, easily and effectively.

Fortunately, there is a new breed of marketing capability that enables brands to take a gargantuan leap forward and position themselves at the cutting edge of AI driven 1:1 Customer Engagement, and the leader in this space is Pega with whom we work extensively. It is a highly sophisticated capability which has a unique mix of attributes which, if you get it right, can make a massive difference to your customers, the experience they have with you and their perception of your brand – and can bring significant financial return to your business as a consequence.

On-demand 1:1 Customer Decisions, also known as ‘Next Best Action’, is about making the right offer, to the right person at the right time – personalized communications to a segment of one. To do it really effectively, it requires the capability to make decisions about what is right for the customer, considering all aspects of the customer, the interaction at the moment and business objectives.

How do we deliver 1:1 Customer Engagement?

The Pega Customer Decisioning Hub (CDH) and Adqura’s complementary capabilities enable businesses to create a single place to create and optimise decisions for every customer across multiple products, journeys and channels.

The decision hub, or ‘brain’ as it is often referred to, allows you to use both historic, current and future data and insights to select the most appropriate message for the customer.

Compared to traditional segmentation, and models that can take months to develop and are not deployable in a real time environment, this approach can be very powerful. A highly personal, and tailored interaction, can be industrialised – so, mass personalization, automated, highly intelligent, continually learning and able to be fine tuned constantly.

The end result, the ability to Anticipate your Customers’ Needs, to work out what they want before they even know they want it, and to be able to present just the right dialogue, in the channel of the moment, with a proposition that seems tailored just for them – a winning formula for the customer and for the business!


AI driven Customer Decisioning can be the solution to many customer and business challenges, helping organisations to optimize their engagement with customers across multiple channels and product lines. It provides the hub for a multi-channel customer strategy, enabling you to create a vision that will exceed the needs and expectations of your customers and create differentiation which will be tough for competitors to understand, let alone repeat! Everyone wants to know what their customers needs are, and to be the winners of their time and engagement. We can help you to develop that ‘sixth sense’ and create a dna that can run through your whole organization, transforming your engagement with your customers and your position in the marketplace.

We believe there are 7 essential steps to successful decisioning programmes. The first of these are about making sure you get the strategy right. It sounds obvious, but if you buy Customer Decisioning capability, and implement it with your current strategy, whether it is your customer, marketing, commercial, channel strategy etc, you will only ever get a slightly better version of what you already have. If you are interested and would like to find out more, just contact us and we can share our approach with you.

There are numerous examples of organisations who have built, delivered and are using this capability and yielding significant financial return. We believe there are 7 essential steps to delivering to successful decisioning programmes.

The first of these are about making sure you get the strategy right. It sounds obvious, but if you buy Customer CDH capability, and implement it with your current strategy, whether it is your customer, marketing, commercial, channel strategy etc, you will only ever get a slightly better version of what you already have – why would you want to do that? With this state of the art capability; you will want to make sure you get the very best out of what you are buying.

Adqura has a unique approach to helping businesses to develop and deliver their 1:1 Customer Engagement (Decisioning) Programme. Our framework, which consists of a combination of business, technical and transformational tools and capabilities, together with our highly experienced team of decisioning experts will ensure you get the very best return from your investment in the technology.

The most successful decisioning programmes are often launched as transformation programmes, with as much effort invested in making sure the ‘people’ elements of delivery are fully appreciated and focused on, as the more business and technical elements.

1:1 Customer Engagement brings benefits across the business, not only to the marketing and insights functions, but also to operations, IT and across the customer facing channels. The business opportunities and challenges you wish to pursue will influence who you need to involve, and at what stage, and the size and scale of potential benefits.

Our experience has shown, our Clients enjoy the tangible elements of success, great financial rewards, an exceptional customer experience and differentiation in the market place, there will also be softer, less tangible benefits. This will include the opportunity to develop a truly customer centric culture, and to have engaged and empowered employees who are able to each perform as role model advisors and trustees of your customers!

We have extensive experience in helping organisations to develop a compelling business strategy, and then implement it in a way that allows them to lead in their market place. To achieve this, we bring to bear our domain experience and product expertise, to identify existing solutions in the wider market and/or innovate new approaches to achieve our clients vision.

Some examples of Pega 1:1 Customer Engagements firsts by Adqura:

  • The first truly ‘Always On‘ Pega decisioning implementation at Vodafone UK
  • The first Multi Branded ‘Decisioning as a Service’ implementation for Alight Solutions delivering ‘Hyper Personalized’ employee comms for their customer brands
  • Delivered the first Omni-Channel Pega decisioning solution at British Gas
  • Delivered the first Customer Loyalty and Rewards program using Pega CDH
  • Created the first unified Inbound and Outbound Digital capability in Pega Marketing at GoCompare

In addition, Adqura team members have previously led and delivered a number of ‘firsts’ with Real time decisioning implementations:

  • Conceived, led and developed the very first real time decisioning programme at O2 UK in 2004
  • Designed and developed the first logic driven Retention Deal Negotiator at EE UK in 2007, now an industry standard in Telecommunications
  • Created various investment frameworks, used by businesses to make value driven marketing, retention and investment decisions

The primary Adqura assets and approaches are based on Pega platform components such as Pega Customer Decision Hub, Pega Adaptive ML, Pega Event Strategy Manager etc.

We support Pega’s cloud choice strategy – i.e. we are able to deliver CDH solutions variously on Pegacloud, client hosted private cloud, or clients own data centre infrastructure; to provide best solutions that fit our customer’s needs.