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The Adqura team have worked in decisioning since the very first project in 2004. We have worked on and led many decisioning programmes, both in project mode and business as usual management, and are proud to have been instrumental in delivering significant transformation across many different sectors, and significant business and financial benefits. We have used our collective knowledge and experience to build Adqura in to a business which can help our customers to achieve innovative, often first to market decisioning capabilities with enormous financial benefits and opportunities. You will see some examples here of some of the work we have done, but please do always feel free to contact us if you would like to find out a bit more!

British Gas: Unified Marketing Unlocks Value

“In delivering our Next Generation Decisioning Programmme, there have been multiple benefits, including the ability to deliver big change with less people, a global ‘first’ to join up the experience across channel, and ability to get a Loyalty scheme up and running within a few months”

Jo Allen, Business Lead, Next Generation Decisioning, British Gas

The Business Issue

British Gas had historically used a product ladder marketing strategy, executed through push communications. The utility realized that reengineering its customer decisioning platform would unlock key improvements for customers and create more value from the company’s significant data assets.

The Solution

With British Gas Next Generation Decisioning we have delivered the vision of true unified customer centric decisioning. It considers the customer state based on events in the past 24 hours and then assesses the best conversations to initiate (push outbound) / continue (on-demand inbound) in channels based on a household level view as well customer personal contact preferences. The solution optimises these AI driven Next Best Actions with business priorities to deliver desired volumes to channels.

We built a sophisticated simulation capability which allows marketeers to test what-if scenarios to model business strategies before deploying new offers and treatments to channels.

The core platform capabilities are provided by Pega 7 Customer Decisioning Hub and Pega Marketing, class leading decisioning products in the market.

The British Gas solution has been designed, built and supported by Adqura, a world leader in delivering Decisioning capabilities.

The Results

The re-engineered platform offers British Gas a strategic, multi-channel mechanism for intelligent customer conversations and engagement, and to anticipate and plan for the future needs of customers.

  • Reduced data lag time 85%
  • Enabled 20% more customer conversions in first three months
  • Multimillion-pound savings from new technology
  • NGD enabled business to deliver more changes in the first 3 months with NGD than they did in the last 4 years
  • 20 million SLA simulations in three hours
  • 3.6 billion simulated offers in 45 minutes

The AA: Transforming Member Engagement

“Not only did Adqura bring great breadth and depth of experience to the projects we did with them, they are also great people to spend time with. True partners in CRM”

Chris Harris, Group Marketing & Insight Director

The Business Issue

The AA was embarking on a major transformation programme, using Pegasystems as the core CRM and Marketing capability. Historically, the organisation had been mainly structured around the product lines of business, executing a ‘push’ approach to customer communications. The AA realized that developing a new platform to engage with its members, and prospective members could create significant value, both for members and for the business. To enable this to happen, the development of a customer decisioning strategy was a vital step to ensuring successful delivery.

The Solution

Working with Adqura, the AA created a Customer Decisioning Strategy which clearly defined the needs of its Members and Prospects across all product lines and channels. Those needs were then aligned to the decisioning capability requirements which would drive maximum value generation. This culminated in the development of a roadmap for the AA, which would allow optimal design and delivery of the solution from Day 1, with the capacity to rapidly build new capabilities to achieve its overall vision.

In addition to the output, one of the benefits of taking this approach was that the leadership team, through a collaborative workshop led approach, had designed and signed off the Vision and Strategy as a team. As well as developing the strategy, a wealth of knowledge had been shared, enabling a more informed and aligned approach to embarking on the decisioning journey.

The Results

  • Customer Decisioning Strategy with the Customer at its heart
  • Organisational Roadmap and Plan
  • Aligned and Engaged Leadership Team
  • Leadership team aligned and motivated to deliver strategy
  • Customer blueprint containing new concepts to maximize customer value

British Gas Rewards: Highlights

“The speedy development of our Rewards programme was possible due to the fact we had Pega Marketing in situ. This has allowed us to increase our contact with customers. We’ve hit all the targets set out for Rewards and grabbed some extras in the way of re-consent, NPS, helping uncover data quality – we’re giving customers things they actually want and therefore they complain more quickly when there’s a problem with the data.”

Jo Allen, Business Lead, Next Generation Decisioning, British Gas

The Business Issue

British Gas has embarked on a major drive to engage and reward millions of its loyal customers. It is launching a series of market-leading initiatives, including innovative product bundles, under a new customer reward programme backed by an investment of £100m.

The initiative allows British Gas to increase customer engagement, change customer perception of value they get from buying from / staying with British Gas in an increasingly price driven energy market. It also allows British Gas to introduce its customers to different product lines with discounted offerings with personalised benefits.

The Solution

Adqura used the Pega Marketing product to build a loyalty and rewards solution that comprises of a self serve portal (using Pega Microsites mashed into BG main website), personalised offers, tracking and allocating of vouchers and 3rd party fulfilment. Rewards are offered to customers based on their value, personalised preferences and available promotions.

The Results

  • Increase in NPS rates well above any other historic marketing initiative.
  • Increase in customer engagement metrics and opt-ins.
  • Measurable increase in customer value for engaged customers.
  • British Gas Rewards customer loyalty through personalised offers in a self serve portal
  • Customer value drives rewards offered
  • Focus on engagement and NPS scores

US Retailer: Personalizing Marketing and Customer Experience

  • Record time, cloud based launch Pega decisioning delivering a technology ‘first’ in the retail market
  • Use of analytical insight to influence seasonal menu changes
  • Use customer insight and AI capability to personalize the menu offering and increase value per customer

About US Retailer

Founded in 2007, the US Retailer is a destination for simple, seasonal, healthy food. The US Retailer owns and operates 90+ restaurants across eight US states and specializes in organic, store-prepared fresh food sustainably sourced locally from small-to-mid sized growers.
The US Retailer has 90 stores across the States, and over 600,000 identifiable customers enrolled with its loyalty platform.

The Business Issue

To date, the US Retailer’s customer marketing has mainly revolved around regular seasonal menu changes, salad bowl customization, and local community marketing events. The US Retailer is looking to apply analytical insight to its future marketing efforts to increase connection with and the value of its guests.

The Solution

Adqura is leveraging Pega Marketing in the cloud to deliver more timely, relevant customer communications via email, and in due course via the US Retailer’s mobile app.

Through conducting statistical analysis on the customer base, Adqura has helped the US Retailer identify metrics which describe customer behavior, customer value and value opportunities.

Adqura has specified and is currently developing a solution which will be integrated with Pega Marketing to enable marketing campaign development and machine learning.

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