Introducing Sophie,
the Always On Customer Decisioning Brain!

Sophie is an Pega CDH accelerator that will help you to define Next Best Actions in every scenario and create your own, tailored decisioning model in minutes not months.

Sophie’s pre-configured brain contains a set of cognitive AI abilities that enable powerful interpretation of customer’s needs and transform that insight in to highly targeted, real time customer engagement. You can quickly train the brain to design personalized and connected interactions you want with your customers at every moment of truth.

Sophie is a platform you can use to optimise customer engagement, drive investment decisions and to engage key departments in your customer transformation strategy. Sophie supports both traditional B2C clients as well as B2B clients who support decisions for multiple brands.

Sophie enables you to build an omni-channel centre of excellence, connecting conversations with your customers and your business across every touchpoint. Sophie listens to customer behaviour and translates it into insights in real-time; and translates insights into contextual content delivered in an omni-channel world. Sophie’s unique set of easily accessible Artificial Intelligence and predictive modelling capabilities will enable companies to transform customer engagement, their position in the marketplace and access previously impossible to achieve business benefits.

Sophie’s Features

She works autonomously

She will help you create loyal and engaged customers

She can help you build your customer brain in minutes not months

She is pre-configured for your industry and comes equipped with all the required best practice marketing assets

She has an easy to use design tool

She helps you find the right balance between marketing creativity and data science

She has an integrated best in class suite of AI tools

She is out to be the heartbeat of your organisation

She has a range of ways to arbitrate offers, objectives, channels, investment and many other dimensions

She is analytically and financially grounded, she keeps track of your marketing roi

She can track your customer across journeys and touch points

What will she do for your customers?

Help to understand and meet their needs

Create a seamless connected customer experience

Identify their crucial moments of truth and shape communications around them

Make them love you, want to buy more from you, stay longer and rave about you!

Offer relevant, personalised offers and information

What will she do for your business?

Create connected effective customer engagement across the business

Create organisational efficiency

Increase sales, retention and service performance

Build leadership and stay ahead of the game in your market

Accelerator Delivery of a centralised ‘Customer Brain’

We have built Sophie as an accelerator to deliver an enterprise grade Pega decisioning platform in weeks instead of many man years it would traditionally take.

We at Adqura have leveraged our deep understanding of Pega and our extensive experience of delivering decisioning strategies with major corporations globally to build a ready to go Always On implementation. Pre-programmed with Next Best Actions, Sophie manages, directs and learns about the right action to take for effective customer service and personalisation

Partnering with Pega

As Pega’s decisioning specialist partner we are able to offer clients the very best Pega consulting and Pega implementation services. We have co-developed decisioning right from its inception, and are true ambassadors and innovators of the product, both in terms of its development and its implementation.

We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box about what decisioning can do, and create business outcomes for customers that are often industry firsts, providing them with the cutting edge differentiation that is often hard to find.