Our Chief Technology Office (CTO), Sameer Prakash will be presenting the Vodafone UK retention journey jointly with Russell Welton, Design Authority at Vodafone and Efe Asci, Senior Manager – Base Growth Marketing, Customer Lifecycle Value Management & AI at Pega’s annual flagship event, PegaWorld iNspire 2023.


There are some questions that are consistent across all telco upgrade teams: How do you drive the best upgrade experience? How do you ensure you’re not losing the customer to a competitor? How can you drive upsell? How do you reduce dilution?

Discover how Vodafone is using the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ and Pega Next Best Action Advisor to deliver the right offer for the right customer – to ensure the customer has an easy decision, lower fall-out rates, reduced churn, improved post-upgrade value, and improved experience, across call centers, retail (using tablets), digital, app, and other touchpoints.