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Adqura has launched Sophie, the always on marketing brain!

Sophie is the always on marketing brain powered by Pega.

Sophie’s pre-configured brain contains a set of cognitive AI abilities that enable powerful interpretation of customer’s needs and transform that insight in to highly targeted, real time customer engagement. You can quickly train the brain to design personalized and connected interactions you want with your customers at every moment of truth

Sophie will help you to define next best actions in every scenario and create your own, tailored decisioning model in minutes not months. It will be a platform you can use to optimise customer engagement, drive investment decisions and to engage key departments in your customer transformation strategy.

Sophie enables you to build an omni-channel centre of excellence, connecting conversations with your customers and your business across every touchpoint. Sophie listens to customer behaviour and translates it into insights in real-time; and translates insights into contextual content delivered in an omni-channel world. Sophie’s unique set of easily accessible Artificial Intelligence and predictive modelling capabilities will enable companies to transform customer engagement, their position in the marketplace and access previously impossible to achieve business benefits.